Start up

Sales system

The Sales System of MAS is an assistance/consultancy process for the systematization of sales and commercial management in sports facilities that allow, in an easy and convenient way, to improve and control the sales of the sports centers by making the most of the existing resources available. Hand in hand, and we train your commercial team!

Interior design

We understand interior design as a tool to live experiences, therefore, from the hand of Carlos Barrera we develop singular spaces that provoke sensations without leaving us indifferent. The good use of materials and forms in perfect balance where color is a fundamental part, make our designs, places full of energy where activities are developed for which they have been created. A combination of design expertise and an approach applied to the sports center industry.

Fidelazation program

We already know that customers are no longer brands. They choose each day if they will acquire your service or not, and this challenge is continuous. In our loyalty program we work with training control tools, and on-site monitoring.
The aim of the loyalty program is to increase the rate of customer loyalty in sports organizations. It consists of a simple training phase, a phase of creation of work protocols, and a third phase of follow-up with the chosen loyalty indicators.

The consultants move to the centers to adapt the training and the indicators, in this way a greater rapport is achieved between the individuals who have contact with the client.

Attention to talent

This is one of the most human areas of the company. We know that we work in an industry of people who work with people, and therefore employer branding and satisfaction must be one of the main axes of our strategy. We offer collaboration in 3 fundamental areas:

Selection of personnel where we will help you find the right people for your project through the search and recruitment of talent.

Work climate that will allow you to analyze how your team operates within the organization. The interaction between employees in the company is fundamental to its future.

Mistery Shopper, a tool that will allow you to truly know how your team interacts with customers on a day-to-day basis.

Start up

Launching a service-oriented business is tremendously committed. From MAS, we put our professionals at the disposal of brands to be able to follow proven performance guidelines.
We work preparing the professionals that are going to treat the clients, we generate work protocols, we make contingency plans, we support with the presence of our team in the critical days… We build the reality of the hand of the operator.