Consultancy Services


In the consulting division, the development paths of each company are analyzed, and the implementation of these processes is assisted.
Our experience in similar projects, knowledge for national and international markets, and having a multidisciplinary team creates tangible results for the client.
We put ourselves in the manager’s shoes.

Due diligence de negocios

We analyze the feasibility and possibility of business growth, whether they are companies that are already in operation or newly created projects. Our experience starts from working for financial entities (to grant fund to ex novo projects), for investment funds (analyzing current and future returns of the presented investment model).
The strength of choosing MAS as a consultant in a business Due Diligence process is its in-depth knowledge of the industry and its national and international contacts. This ensures that the data provided is highly representative.

Market studies

Carrying out an analysis of the market situation is key to achieving business success in an y entrepreneurial project or if you’re thinking of changing your positions. Within our team we have professionals whose specialty is market research. Representative studies that help validate from the correct locations of businesses to the evolution of industry parameters.
We carry out private studies for operators and open research for greater knowledge of the industry.


If you want to sell a business or are interested in buying one, we are ready to collaborate in the fastest resolution of it. Our strong point is the deep knowledge of the operators of the industry and therefore the agility in the search and the contact of the candidates. We also provide advice for the best resolution of the agreements.

Value proposal

What is important about your business idea is your CLIENT. To put ourselves in the client’s shoes and create a solution that really meets your needs, we need a proposal that gives value to what you offer. With our value proposition service, based on the CANVAS model, you can solve your problems and find what your clients really want.
This service is also available in training.


Professional coaching and personal coaching to relaunch the career. Coaching is a method of work that allows a greater and faster development of the professional. The relationship is established between a person and a coach of our company so that areas of improvement are detected and thus achieve the proposed growth objectives (in case of very specific objectives that we cannot cover, we have a network of coaches that will help).

Quality audit

Analyzing the quality of service offered is essential to know your situation in the current market. Our quality audit reviews the quality of customer service as well as the activity space, auxiliary and complementary spaces using the technique of the mysterious client (among others). In this way you can establish the appropriate improvement guidelines in addition to having a benchmark with the industry.

Customer experience

The interaction of the company with the client generates an experience, even those that do not know what the customer experience is. Through different tools (workshops, focus groups, consultancy, and training) our team will work on customer experience in each of these interactions to create a true value proposition. Not only will we work with Wow experiences and unexpected experiences, but also with those who make your client no longer want to have a relationship with your brand.


Our job is to make our customers more efficient in using the technology that we have available in the market. It is a process that requires looking at each process, every action and detail. That is why we require total involvement from all areas of the company. Digitalization is no less a role and more a digital presence, but these two actions are small consequences of our intervention.