We are sure that you have been to places where, as soon as you enter, you can feel the bad environment among the people that work there. If this happens in all types of places, imagine what it would mean in a fitness center, where clients are looking to disconnect in a welcoming environment and to feel good, as one of their moments of leisure during the day. The investigation into workplace climate is precisely this, the analysis of the environment that influences the satisfaction of the team working there, and is related to the culture and relations of the business. The experience we have with analysis throughout the years is very diverse, but we want to share with you two of the most significant facts: • First, you can note that work environments are distinct according to their sector. For example, in the fitness sector, teams of employees could be very satisfied while the work environment in the water department could be terrible at the same time. If we went forward in time and carried out a new intervention, then the next year the happiest teams would lose some of their happiness while the problems of the other teams would persist. • Second, when we look at companies that have services that do not involve direct contact with the client, we see that satisfaction can be diminished. It appears that we are analyzing two very different companies. We take the responsibility of analyzing the situation and adapting our work to the necessities of each business before putting our hands on the project. After choosing a study group, appropriate selection criteria are applied and anonymity is maintained in order to ensure a more sincere and reliable outcome. Our report analyzes the data in isolation, analyzes by company, and of course, analyzes according to benchmarks. From here, businesses make decisions and possibly carry out changes in the ways that they communicate with their employee teams. The objective of improving the workplace environment is to motivate your team to go to work each and every day, and also to have the clients notice the positive environment. Additionally, it is proven that people that feel happy in their work environment are more productive, sell more, and propose more ideas to differentiate themselves from the competition. Want more reasons? Check out our Dossier! View by clicking this link: http://cort.as/-Hlx3